Inclusion Council Tenets and Goals


  • We are ambassadors of equity and inclusion across campus.
  • We will develop concrete recommendations to and accountability metrics for the President/Provost/Administration and shared governing bodies for change.
  • We will set the tone of engagement for diversity, equity and inclusion work at UMBC.
  • We will communicate, receiving and conveying, information about the work of OEI and the Inclusion Council.
  • We will engage in work that promotes equitable educational opportunities.
  • We will engage in work that transforms UMBC’s culture of inclusion.
  • We will communicate with candor, speak truth to power, and hold one another accountable for centering equity and inclusion in our work and disrupting systemic discrimination.


  • Help UMBC be inclusive, be just, and be its best self.
  • Empower, connect and build upon the existing equity work across campus and
    champion the campus’s commitment to inclusive excellence.
  • Ensure the work of the Inclusion Council is meaningful for Faculty/Staff/Students.
  • Maintain channels of communication with the UMBC community at large to gage equity
    and inclusion issues of concern.
  • Ensure student access, participation and approachability to UMBC opportunities,
    including the Inclusion Council.
  • Disrupt systems of oppression operating within UMBC and create a culture where all
    groups and individuals are valued.
  • Ensure campus/community partnerships are mutually beneficial and practice reciprocity
    and shared decision making.