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In response to the recommendation reports and the campus community, UMBC has decided to move Human Relations into the newly created Office of Equity and Inclusion. UMBC has also increased the resources of those offices most involved in this work to allow them to better serve our students.

Currently In Progress

Create new offices/units
  • Following recommendations across all three reports, UMBC has created the Office of Equity and Inclusion (see below). The Office of Equity and Inclusion will be responsible for promoting and coordinating the university’s core values of inclusive excellence, equity, and diversity and will have primary responsibility for UMBC’s efforts under Title IX, including the University’s response to reports of sexual and gender-based harassment and violence
  • Per one of the interim recommendations, the Women’s Center received funding to hire a third staff person (Brianda Gumbs, started October 28, 2019). Their existing Program Coordinator was promoted to Assistant Director for Student Success and Inclusive Excellence and the Women’s Center is currently hiring to fill the Program Coordinator position
  • Per one of the interim recommendations, the Mosaic Center received funding to add additional support through their programs. They have also hired a new contractual program associate serving our LGBTQ+ populations and other underrepresented populations
  • Two new bodies have been formed – Campus Equity Advisory Council (CEAC) is part of the University Steering Committee (USC) and the Inclusion Council will serve as an advisory board for the Director of OEI. FSAC and SAC will have representation on these councils.
Move Title IX out of the Office of the General Counsel
  • The Human Relations office (“Title IX Office”) transitioned to the newly created Office of Equity and Inclusion, which reports to the Chief of Staff in the President’s Office. The Office of Equity and Inclusion will include a Title IX Coordinator, two Civil Rights investigators, and a Training Programs Coordinator/Case Manager.
Title IX contacts in Departments
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