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Ensuring that every member of the UMBC community is trained in preventing and responding to sexual misconduct is of the utmost importance. Training for faculty and staff are ongoing and the Implementation Team established a working group for summer 2019 to continue developing a training curriculum for students.

Currently In Progress

Hire training staff
  • As part of the new Office of Equity and Inclusion (see Campus Structure), UMBC has hired an Equity and Inclusion Manager/Training Manager. This person organizes training for faculty, staff, and students and collaborate with campus partners to support existing trainings.
In Progress
  • Updates pending.
Enforce mandatory student training
  • 2021 Mandatory Training shifted to all online due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. As of February 2021: 86.37% of returning undergraduates had completed the training; 74.49% of new undergraduates had completed it; returning graduate students had a 87.75% completion rate; new graduate students had an 85.55% compeltion rate.
  • On September 7th, all student organizations participated in Leading Orgs training. UMBC’s 270 student orgs sent at least one representative who received training that addressed core elements of creating an organization that cares about its members and the UMBC community. Participants learned how to identify power-based personal violence, cultivate a set of tools for addressing such behaviors, and think proactively about what they can do as an individual and a group to make UMBC a safer place
  • In collaboration with UHS, Enrollment Management, and the Registrar’s Office, registration holds were put in place for first-year students who didn’t complete the online “Consent and Respect” training
  • Following the registration holds for first-year students, UHS is currently working on rolling “Consent and Respect” out to the remainder of the student body. Registration holds will be active for students who don’t complete the training in January.
  • Continuing students received an email on November 12, 2019 informing students that they are responsible for completing Consent and Respect. Students received a personal post and myUMBC checklist item on November 15th. Students who did not complete training by February 14, 2020 will receive a registration hold.
In Progress
  • All students received an email prior to the fall semester informing them that they were required to complete to training through Safe Colleges. Students who did not complete the mandatory training by October 31, 2020 may have received a hold on their student account. If you have questions about the student training, please see the FAQ.
Implement student training
  • Throughout the spring of 2019, the training workgroup developed a pilot training which was delivered to 200+ students throughout the semester and to all first-year students who attended the Welcome Week Speak About It event. A training report was compiled and will be used to help develop future training content for students
  • Leading Orgs training was scheduled for Saturday, September 7th, and included a presentation from Jacki Stone (Language, Literacy, and Culture, ‘20) about bystander intervention. Leading Orgs is a training program for students serving on the executive board of a student org
  • Working with UHS, DoIT, and 3rd Millennium (our training course provider), UMBC rolled out the online “Consent and Respect” training to all students at UMBC.
In Progress
  • Following the pilot training program, the student training workgroup (see below) began developing a training curriculum that will meet the needs of students at various points throughout the student lifecycle
  • Collaborating with campus partners (First Year Experience, Academic Success Center, etc.) to share training information with their students throughout the course of the 2019-2020 academic year
Mandate responsible employee training
  • 2021 Mandatory Training shifted to all online due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. As of April 2021, 65% of all faculty had completed the training.
  • Over the course of the 2018-2019 academic year, UMBC faculty and staff attended a mandatory in-person Title IX/sexual misconduct awareness and prevention training.
  • As of September 2019, we have trained 3,514 of the 3,857 employees to be included in training, or 91%
    99% of Tenured Faculty have been trained
    98% of Not Tenured Faculty have been trained
    78% of Faculty, Contractual (Adjunct) have been trained
    98% of Exempt, Regular employees have been trained
    99% of Nonexempt, Regular employees have been trained
    95% of Grad Assistants have been trained
    99% of other student employees requiring training have been trained
  • UMBC faculty and staff also completed an online learning module in Fall 2018
In Progress
  • We are continuing to schedule mandatory employee training every semester as we on-board new employees
To Begin
  • Develop a set of resources (or a “script”) for responsible employees in the event that they receive a report
Specialized Training Updates
  • Clinical staff at UHS received training on trauma-informed care during Summer 2019 (training by Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MCASA)
  • Student staff members who work in the Commons received a training around care, support, and response in their role as student employees in August 2019 (training by Jess Myers)
  • Clinical staff at UHS received training on the legal options for victims of sexual assault in September 2019 (training by MCASA)
  • TurnAround delivered the “Understanding Trauma for Student Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence” to two dozen staff and faculty in the Women’s Center on October 8, 2019
Prevention Education Programming
  • First year students received training at Welcome Week — the theatre troupe, Speak About It!, came to campus to deliver an hour-long presentation about consent, bystander intervention, and healthy relationships. The theatre troupe was followed by a presentation from Samantha Smith (UHS) and Haley Owens (Biology B.A., ‘21) about UMBC policies and resources
  • On April 22, 2019, Ted Bunch delivered his talk, “An Evening with Ted Bunch: It takes courage to stand up for what’s right”, largely to UMBC athletes. Ted Bunch is an educator, activist, and lecturer working to end all forms of violence and discrimination particularly against women and girls
  • On October 2, 2019, Jackson Katz delivered his talk, “Men’s Leadership in Gender-Based Violence Prevention” as part of the Social Sciences Forum. Jackson Katz is the founder and director of Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) Strategies. More information about the talk is available here.
Create advisory committee to the Title IX Coordinator
  • Over Summer 2019, the Implementation Team created the Student Training Workgroup. While not advisory to the Title IX Coordinator, this group was responsible for advancing student training goals in the lead up to the 2019-2020 academic year.
  • Beginning January 2020, the newly informed Inclusion Council will serve as an advisory board to the Director of the Office of Equity and Inclusion. The Council will include representation from FSAC and SAC and have a standing Communications subcommittee.