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Supporting and caring for our students is one of UMBC’s most important missions, and we are working with our on- and off-campus partners to develop a variety of resources for our students. If you’re a survivor, or if you’re supporting a survivor, please go to our resources page to see all the options available to you for assistance.

Currently In Progress

Establish Restorative Practices Coordinator position
To Be Addressed
Hire full-time victim advocate, should be confidential under Maryland law
In Progress
  • The Care and Support workgroup (established by the Implementation Team over Summer 2019) has submitted a job description for a victim advocate to the Implementation Team for discussion
Ensure 24hr access to high quality victim services
  • UMBC has improved our connection with TurnAround (local organization) so that students can access an off-campus resource, if desired, and so that students can have access to 24-hr support. TurnAround helpline staff have been trained in UMBC-specific resources and will provide those to callers that self-identify as UMBC community members on the call. TurnAround, and other off-campus resources, can be found here
  • TurnAround will be on campus the first and third Wednesday of every month from 3:30-5:30pm. They will be holding space in the Women’s Center – there will be private space available for students that need it.
  • The Counseling Center has a new 24hr support line for students. It is available to support students experiencing a mental health crisis, health issues, sexual assault or relationship violence. Phone number: 410-455-3230
In Progress
  • Updates pending.
Hire additional counselor in Counseling Center
  • There have been staff changes in counseling services. Check out their website for the most updated staff:
Designate respondent services coordinator
To Be Addressed
Make Counseling Center more widely available to all student populations
  • Hiring additional counselors in the Counseling Center (as noted above) will help alleviate some of the burden on staffing and ensure more students receive timely access to counseling.