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In response to our community, the UMBC Police Department is striving to be better connected to the campus. The UMBCPD is developing a community policing plan and is receiving additional training to help them better serve UMBC community members.

  1. In Progress
Implement promising practices in community policing
  • Promoted a police officer to sergeant responsible for community outreach
  • Police Department has obtained a certified comfort dog that will be used when interacting with and interviewing victims
  • Officers have been directed to conduct more foot patrols in populated areas
In Progress
  • The UMBC Police Department is developing a Community Policing Plan
  • The Inclusion Council Police Working Group to share recommendations to OEI, May 2021
Hire additional female officers
In Progress
  • Additional hiring was authorized in this year’s budget to allow for targeted hiring
Enhance Police training
  • All police officers received training on diversity and inclusion during Summer 2019 (training by Lisa Gray and Jasmine Lee)
  • All police officers received information on the function of and services provided by the Women’s Center (outreach by Jess Myers)
  • Officers received training on de-escalation techniques in the 19-20 academic year.
  • Officers removed training on Forensic Experiential Trauma Interviews (FETI) in the 19-20 academic year
In Progress
  • Updates pending.
Policing Transparency
  • Police Department developed a timely warning checklist form as recommended by the consultants and the Student Advisory Committee
  • Police Department has changed the wording template for timely warning related to sexual violence as recommended by the consultants and the Student Advisory Committee
Amending MOU with Baltimore County
To Be Addressed
  • In October 2018, UMBC Police and the Division of Information Technology began to develop a safety feature on myUMBC that will allow students, faculty, and staff to quickly access emergency contacts. In early 2019, the page will include a form to alert Facilities Management about campus lighting or building security problems.
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